NeoNothing Studios employs the best tattoo designers and artists to take your tattoo to the next level.


So often a first time tattoo client isn't given the opportunity to make an informed decision and we aim to change that. Whether it's your first tattoo or the tenth, we believe it's important to develop a rapport with the clientele.


We have extensive experience designing custom pieces to fit the size and placement for the individual.



We employ all modern rotary equipment and single use disposables. We believe in treating the client the way we'd like to be treated. No diggers or gougers here.


Interested in art since his youth,  Jon is always eager to pick up new tricks and styles from his contemporaries. Cutting his teeth in an old school street shop has left him well rounded and adaptive, he loves black and grey but isn't afraid to colour in ( and sometimes outside ) the lines in the name of a gorgeous tattoo. 



Jay is a passionate artist with a genuine desire to go above and beyond with his artwork. Constantly drawing and reworking his concepts, he is never complacent. 



Swinging pencils and brushes since her early teens, Nicole can't recall not having a passion for art. After studying architecture and working as a graphic designer, she decided to pursue a more hands on creative outlet in tattooing. On her current trajectory, Nicole is poised to be a definite asset to the local tattoo community and a mainstay in the tattoo culture in the near future and for a long time to come.